What now?

So my 18 year old son has moved 8 hours away for college. I’m lost without him. Well not exactly. He calls or texts daily with questions and problems and I am still telling him what to do from afar….HE NEEDS ME!! YAY!! Lol But the times that I am not texting him, I am looking for things to do. My husband works in the all mighty oilfield and works and lives on location. He hasn’t been home in months. So I have to figure out what the hell to do with my life! I work, but I mean with my life! We live in West Texas and have for about 2 years and we have only met people we work with. Honestly, I am not used to the people here. Not to put them all in one big bunch but most people here are rude. Seriously mean! There are a couple of people I have met not from here and they are wonderful. But that is it! It is hard. So I am spending a lot of time working on myself. I have been working out, losing weight and changing my eating habits. I will get into that my next post.

Right now I am going to concentrate on this Pinot Noir and whatever is on Bravo! I am sure one day I will be wanting a day like this again! Until then …..Cheers🍷


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