Woohoo The Weekend.. not 

The weekend. Time to relax. Get out and enjoy yourself. Maybe get together with friends. Do some shopping. Catch up on chores… 

Now my weekend..Sleep..Couch…Nap… Couch .. Repeat. Stinging all over. Tingling legs. Itching. Eyes tearing and dry. Fatigue.. Muffled hearing left ear comes and goes. My husband works out of town for weeks at a time. So I’m a little depressed with all this going on. I don’t want to whine about it to him because he needs to not worry while he is on the job. So I’m whining here!! Ha! 

I have my MRI of my brain and spine scheduled for Sept 6. I didn’t think this would stress me since I’ve been through this before 10 years ago. But maybe that is why I have more anxiety. I know that this is another “episode” of whatever it is. 

The next 2 weeks I need to stay positive and it is hard right now. Completely against my character!! Until next time…. 


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