One day at a time.. 

Lupus… that is what I have, not who I am. (Lupus with a side of Sjögren’s, a little Hashi’s too) That is what I keep telling myself. But I hear it come out of my mouth. Need a nap. Can’t make it tonight, sorry. Can’t make it to work today. Vomiting. I actually got home from work and went straight to bed. Woke up and took my medicine and went back to sleep. I have learned over the past month that I need more sleep. If I work 2 days and only get about 8 hours a night, I will have to sleep more by the third. I’m learning. I’m having to listen to my body more. If I do that I will have better days. A better day lately is not having this weird headache on the top of my head. It is like knives stabbing repeatedly. Eating is a chore. Nausea is a constant. Stomach issues are never ending. I am starting to notice the improvements that the plaquenil will give but my stomach hasn’t gotten the memo. My itching is better but some nights I can’t claw my ankles off fast enough. 

So Lupus is what I have. It is also apart of me. Who I am. Even though I was diagnosed a month ago, I have been suffering for years. One day at a time it will get better, now that I know what I’m dealing with. ❤️


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